Rhea Kafer – Buyer Specialist, REALTOR®
The luckiest people in the world are those who love their work, and that fits Rhea Kafer to a “T.” She never tires of meeting new people, exploring homes and vacant land, searching for just the right property for a client, and overcoming the hurdles that can appear during a real estate transaction. She enjoys the variety that a career in real estate affords and eagerly dives in to learning new skills – whether it’s new technology or how best to serve her clients. When not serving clients, Rhea is spending time with her husband of 31 years, her 2 Pugs and two cats. She keeps her cup flowing over with joy singing with the Royal River Chorus, the Portland Community Chorus and acting as Director of the Yarmouth Community Chorus. She loves the outdoors, gardening, walking, working with stain glass, jewelry making and laughing.
Rhea has dedicated her career to serving clients for life. As a result, most of her clients come to her by referral from friends, family, and happy past clients. They refer to her without reservation because they know they can trust her to give her honest opinion, even if it means ‘No sale.’ They know they can trust her to protect her clients with a ‘win-win’ or ‘no deal’ way of negotiating, and to work tirelessly to solve any problems, while keeping the Golden Rule in mind. It’s important to Rhea to be the best REALTOR® a client could hope for. At the same time she takes time for family, friends and fun in order to ‘Have a Life Worth Living.’ She wishes the same for you, so don’t be surprised if along with asking about your real estate needs, she asks ‘What do you like to do for fun?’